Land Donations

Land donations to CLCF are one way for landowners to permanently protect their land.  Donating land is one of the greatest legacies a person or family can leave to future generations and offers landowners many advantages.

Donating land is a relatively simple transaction. CLCF often assists landowners in preparing and recording the necessary title work, arranging for surveying that may be needed, and helping the landowner reach decisions on important issues regarding the property.

Donating land may be an especially attractive option for a landowner who:

    • Wishes to make a lasting gift to the environment, to the community and to future generations;
    • Owns land that has significant conservation value and doesn’t have heirs–or has heirs who are unable to protect the land;
    • Owns highly appreciated property–the sale of which would result in large capital gains taxes;
    • Owns property they no longer use;
    • Desires to be relieved of the responsibility of managing and caring for land that they otherwise treasure.