Water Spirits

Water Spirits
This parcel is one of the first storm water control efforts on Big Cedar Lake. The property is elevated above the west shore of Big Cedar Lake.  It has hiking trails with multiple bluebird houses, forested moraines and a picturesque pond lively with frogs.  Water Spirits is frequently used by many as a popular location to walk their dogs (on leash please).

Water Spirits parking is located at 4601 Cedar View Drive, west of Hwy 144 and Big Cedar Lake.

Water Spirits was sold to the Big Cedar Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District by the Kletti Family in 1992.  In a subsequent transaction, the BCLPRD retained ownership of the parcel and Cedar Lakes Conservation Foundation placed restrictions on the deed to prevent any future development and preserving the property in perpetuity for the recreational enjoyment of all.

Water Spirits Trail Map