July 25, 2016

Somewhere In Time XI – A Huge Success!

June 18, 2016 – What a marvelous night to celebrate our Lake to Lake Connection! Temperatures on the shore of Lake Michigan were in the high seventies while a balmy breeze kept the bugs away. As the sun set in beautiful purple and orange (matching the linens on the tables!) a full moon rose over the stately house. It could not have been a more perfect evening for 193 friends to gather in support of the Cedar Lakes watershed! Thank you to all of our supporters and to the wonders of Nature for making such a spectacular event possible!  Special thanks to our Hosts: Linda & Jock Mutscher and to the Committee Chairs: Mary & John Emory, Cindy Mestan, Laura Emory, Bob Boucher & Mary Washburne, Priscilla Galasso, Mary Franz.

Here are some photos from Nancy Rubly to show you just how special it was, in case you missed it!