March 29, 2017

Slinger High School Sociology Class Interviews CLCF

Slinger High School students, with the help of a grant from the Wisconsin Humanities Council, are creating a study called “Working Lives: A Look at Water and Transportation in the Slinger Area“.

The project is described in this way:
“Sociology, history and science students from Slinger High School are working with members of local organizations and Educational Television Productions/NEW to conduct interviews and document working lives in the area. The focus is on people who work in water and transportation fields, as well as local community members’ experience with railroads, roads, lakes and water. A year’s worth of site visits, interviews, surveys, and speakers will culminate in a public program in May 2017 called ‘Slinger Area History/Culture Night’ where the videos, displays and a website will be shared and further dialogue with the community will be encouraged and documented.”

Sociology teacher Nate Grimm invited Mary Franz and Priscilla Galasso to represent CLCF in a classroom discussion on March 13. The result was an opportunity to explore with the students how our community works together to understand and protect the water resources in the area. Following the presentation, Mr. Grimm collected feedback from the students.

Here are some of their comments:

“I learned that preserving nature, what we still have left, is important. Once you change it, it is very hard to turn back.   While expanding houses and development has taken place, we have to make sure animals have their needs met.  I learned about water run-off.  It’s important to know where your water from your property goes.”

“I learned how important this type of conservation is because once the land is sold to the foundation, it will be safe for many future years to come. I also thought it was awesome how passionate the people are that work for the foundation. Through the video and the speakers, you can tell how sincere they are about preserving land and water around the Cedar Lakes.”

“I was really surprised the number of pieces of land they’ve bought over the years and the total number of acres.  I like how people work together to keep our lakes clean and safe.”

The Slinger Area History/Culture Night is scheduled for Wednesday, May 24 from 6:30 – 8:15 PM at Slinger High School. CLCF is grateful to Mr. Grimm and the Slinger High School students in 4th period Sociology for the opportunity to be a part of this educational community event.