February 8, 2017

Minutes from the Annual Meeting

Cedar Lakes Conservation Foundation
Annual Meeting
December 3, 2016
Mary Franz called the meeting to order at 9:10 a.m.  Mary Franz announced the enlargement of the Board of Directors to 10 members, and noted the appointment of Tod Maclay to fill the new vacancy.  After the introduction of the Board of Directors, Mary asked for approval of last year’s annual meeting minutes, which were unanimously approved (D. Baldus/L. Mutschler).
Michael Lindemann presented the annual financial report, going over both the the income statement and balance sheet, and he read a statement from Didi Reilly on the importance of the Founders’ Fund for support of current operating expenses.  The financial report was approved (P. Ziegler/R. Walsh).
Mary Franz announced that Bob Boucher, absent due to knee surgery, has resigned as Executive Director of CLCF in order to pursue other opportunities.  She thanked him for his dedication and service to the Foundation.
Priscilla Galasso introduced Simon Ng, who presented a report on his Eagle Scout project: an Ecological Survey of Fox Hill.
Priscilla Galasso read the report of Bob Boucher on Foundation activities during the past year including habitat restoration on the Pick property and, significant easement donations from Joe Mantoan.  She concluded by reading a statement of Bob’s farewell remarks.
Lee Krueger reported on the Foundation’s invasives abatement efforts and took questions from the floor.
Phil Recht   announced the nominations of Mary Franz, Bob Bodensteiner and Phil Recht for election as directors for three-year terms.   Nominations were closed and the election was unanimous (G. Britton/Doc Olson).
Mary Franz concluded the meeting by thanking the hosts and organizers of this year’s Somewhere in Time event and announcing the formation of a committee for the 2018 event.  A promise of smoother roads ahead for the Foundation and its supporters ended her remarks.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:28 a.m.
Photos of Simon Ng’s Eagle Scout Project: