December 9, 2014

Joan Pick Property: Prairie Restoration Begins

Prairie Restoration at Pick PropertyIn December of 2014 Cedar Lakes Conservation Foundation, working with Eco-Resource Consulting (ERC), began a prairie restoration on the Joan Pick property. This planting is a “Native Pollinator Mix” that encompasses 8.5 acres of wet-mesic and 15.5 acres of mesic seed mixes for a total of a 24-acre restoration.

Starting in October ERC did soil tests, and worked with the Natural Resource Conservation Services (NRCS) and US Fish and Wildlife Service, to select a “Native Pollinator Mix”. The Pollinator Mix is a combination of native grasses and over 30 native forbs (wildflowers). According to Clay Frazer the project ecologist, “The primary objective is to maximize species diversity while offering a wide spectrum of bloom periods, bloom colors, and successional stages in order to maximize ecological value for invertebrates, particularly pollinator species.” It will take a few years and careful maintenance for the prairie to become established. As it develops CLCF will eventually have trails for you to walk among these fields of native wildflowers.

This prairie restoration was made possible because of a generous grant from the Melitta and Joan Pick Charitable Trust and additional financial assistance from the NRCS and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.