June 25, 2020

CLCF Stew Crew Update June 2020

Thank You Stew Crew Volunteers!

We’ve had a busy June and wanted to share with you the progress that the Stew Crew has made.

Stew Crew Volunteer June 2020 Update

Join the Stew Crew

As we begin to plan for additional projects, we’d like to gauge your interest in the upcoming volunteering opportunities.   We will be removing thistle and Box Elder, clearing Buckthorn  as well as staking the perimeter of one of our properties.

Please Contact Us and drop us a note to let us know of your interest.  We will build out and email a schedule to you in the upcoming weeks.

Just a reminder – outdoor volunteering still presents the possibility of exposure to COVID-19. Please use best practices while on the project and assess your own personal risk profile.

Meg and Joe Jansky