September 3, 2020

CLCF Stew Crew August 2020

CLCF’s Stew Crew has had another busy month with volunteer activities.

Here’s a fun fact for you as we get close to Autumn.  Have you heard of a “full moon scandal” with respect to the “harvest or corn” moon?  Here’s what I read today from meteorologist Brian Niznansky.

“Typically, the “harvest moon” is the September full moon.  However, by definition, the “harvest moon” is the closest full moon to the Autumn Equinox.  So this year’s “harvest moon” goes to the October full moon.  Today’s full moon is the “corn moon”.   So get out and enjoy the full moon!

We’ll be planning more volunteering events in the next couple of weeks and we are always looking for volunteers to join the Stew Crew team!

Remember that outdoor volunteering still presents the possibility of exposure to COVID-19.  Please use best practices while on a Stew Crew project and assess your own personal risk profile.

Meg and Joe Jansky

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Volunteering Update August 2020