November 16, 2015

CLCF and MSC Correspondence

fox-in-the-snowCedar Lakes Conservation Foundation (CLCF) and Milwaukee Ski Club (MSC) had a partnership arrangement around the use of Fox Hill lands for Nordic skiing for the past 18 years. Recently, events have precipitated a dissolution of that partnership. These events are documented in the correspondence attached HEREcontinuing HERE and HERE.  A short summary follows:

In April, CLCF approached MSC with an offer to discuss a potential deal: the proposition of an anonymous donor to build a new chalet that both organizations would use. Having received no reply, CLCF again invited discussion in a letter two weeks later. MSC responded with a short letter rejecting the proposal. Two months later, MSC informed CLCF that they would increase by 75% the fees they charged for rental of their parking lot. They also outlined other requirements involving membership and verbiage.  The CLCF Board of Directors then resolved to “end the current relationship with MSC based on the current demands”. CLCF proceeded to make plans to develop a separate parking lot and trails on CLCF land.  This fall, MSC sent out a letter to their members informing them of the split and indicating that their members would have access to “all” trails by virtue of MSC membership.  CLCF responded with a letter clarifying that the use of CLCF/Fox Hill Nordic ski trails are accessible only to those with CLCF membership and that a fee for using our groomed trails is in compliance with the statutes of Nelson-Knowles Stewardship administration.

At this time, “the CLCF door is open to MSC if (they) choose to engage with us in the future”, as was stated in the letter of July 23.  We will keep you informed in the News portion of our website of any further developments.  Meanwhile, we hope for a beautiful ski season and invite you to join us on the new CLCF/Fox Hill Nordic ski trails.  Click to download the CLCF/Fox Hill Nordic membership application for 2015 – 2016,.