June 20, 2014

CLCF Acquires 91-acre Fehring Property

In June of 2014 CLCF closed on the Fehring property at the south end of Little Cedar Lake. The property is a mix of grassland fields and forest, and has 700 feet of frontage on Cedar Creek. Sand-hill cranes use this area as prime habitat. The land begins on the east side of Cedar Creek as it goes over the spillway on the south end of Little Cedar lake, and extends east to County Highway Z.

In recent years the fields have been hayfields. The fields support numerous grassland nesting birds like meadowlarks which have been in serious population decline because of loss of habitat and early season mowing. It’s a pretty piece of high land with sweeping vistas across Cedar Creek valley to the West and long views to the North and East. The forest canopy is mostly hard woods with a mix of maple, oak and shag bark hickory.

To be able to protect a parcel of land in perpetuity is a special feeling that is hard to describe. I walked the land with our attorney Kevin Delorey immediately after the closing. We admired the fields and views and felt a quiet sense of accomplishment and reverence for the land. I would like to thank all of our members for their financial support that allows us to do this work. God bless you.

— Bob Boucher, Executive Director