Important CLCF Nordic ski information

fox-in-the-snowThe snow will be coming soon, and we want to inform you of important changes that will be in place for the 2015-16-winter season.  We are dedicated to providing a quality Nordic ski and hiking trail experience for our members with easy access to good, groomed trails that flow with the landscape. In order to do that, we have constructed a new parking area and trailhead off Sleeping Dragon Road, independent of Milwaukee Ski Club property on Fox Hill. We also have a new ski area open on the Rudorf property on the west side of Big Cedar Lake, off Hwy 144. At the Rudorf property, you are allowed to ski with your dog, but please remove any brown klister from the trail!  Click here to download a trail map of Fox Hill.  Click here to download a trail map of Rudolf Farm.

CLCF Nordic has severed ties with the Milwaukee Ski Club and will no longer be allowed to use the 300 yards of trail crossing MSC property, its parking lot or its lodge.  If you would like more information on the background of these changes, we will be posting a full disclosure of the communications surrounding this chapter in our relationship on our website (conservecedarlakes.org) under “News”. We will be calling the membership category of our organization that refers to the cross-country trails at Fox Hill and the Rudorf Farm as “CLCF Nordic”, and you can access information about that by going to www.foxhillnordic.org and www.clcfnordic.org as well.

CLCF Nordic will require either a season pass at a reduced rate from previous years ($60) or a day pass ($8) to use our groomed trails. (This is in accordance with the Nelson-Knowles Stewardship Fund requirements for the property.)  You can order a season pass using this form. Day Passes can be purchased at the self-pay stations at the trailheads. The CLCF Nordic pass will not allow the use of the MSC parking lot nor the trail that crosses the MSC property.  MSC is making available a MSC Nordic membership for the use of their parking lot, lodge, and 300 yards of trail; however, this pass is invalid for use of the CLCF Nordic Trail System.

New signage, donation stations and expanded snowshoe trails are being added to our network. CLCF is excited to make these changes, and we look at them as a step forward in making the Nordic experience and hiking trails on CLCF land even better.  We at CLCF appreciate your support and continued involvement in our conservation efforts. Enjoy the trails!