CLCF’s 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

Many thanks to all of our CLCF Members who joined our Virtual Annual Meeting on Saturday, December 5, 2020 and also carried on the CLCF Annual Meeting tradition by picking up a donut. We enjoyed sharing our 2020 Successes and our 2021 Plans with you.

If you weren’t able to participate in our 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting,  please use this link to view the entire meeting.  Click on the arrow at the lower left side of your screen to begin the recording.  CLCF 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

Please note that all of our voting is closed. The CLCF members have elected Denise Goergen, Mike Nast, Didi Atwood Reilly, and Meg Jansky, each for a three-year term on the CLCF Board.

We also want to convey our sincere gratitude to retiring board members,  Lee Krueger and Gary Britton.  Thank you Lee and Gary for believing in CLCF’s Mission, always offering valuable advice, and leading our path to success!

There are a limited number of ways to make an impact that lasts beyond a lifetime.  Protecting land is one of those ways. Your support is critical to CLCF’s continuing success. Please use the volunteer and support links below to get additional information on volunteering opportunities and how to support CLCF with a 2020 donation.

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